About SAIL

The Brigham and Women’s Small Animal Imaging Laboratory (SAIL) is a state-of-the-art collaborative MRI imaging facility located within the Brigham and Women’s MRI Research Center (BWMRC). The SAIL’s close proximity to Longwood Medical Area and Harvard Medical School allows for a seamless collaborative environment by providing a comprehensive, translational research infrastructure.

Encompassing two sites within the Longwood Medical Area, the first site includes a 7.0T Bruker BioSpec® USR magnet equipped with cryoprobe technology for high spatial resolution imaging of small models, and a 3.0T Siemens Skyra wide-bore magnet and a GE 3T shortbore magnet available for medium to large models.  Additionally, a handling suite including a vivarium and a fully equipped preparation room to conduct procedures is located adjacent to the 7.0T Bruker BioSpec® USR magnet. Researchers also have access to nearby housing facilities for medium to large models.

The second site houses a multitude of imaging equipment for small models including a 3.0T Bruker BioSpec® USR magnet, a Bruker In-Vivo Extreme II Optical/X-ray capable of both full spectrum fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging, and a Bruker SkyScan 1176 microCT. The small model facility includes multiple procedure rooms and a vivarium as well.

For more information about collaboration opportunities, please send an email to sailinfo@partners.org.